We serve savoury and sweet crêpes. While the savoury crêpe batter contains a lot of hearty buckwheat, the sweet crêpe batter is light and deliciously subtle. On site, you and your guests can order any crêpes of the menu below. They are all included in the standard rates.

Please tell us if you have food allergies or any concerns. We will be happy to accommodate you with a desired filling or provide you with milk-, egg- and/or wheat-free batter. Free of charge.

To print out the menus, please open the PDF versions: savoury and sweet.


.savoury crêpes

Westphalia ham, arugula, dried figs, sweet onion, honey and mustard vinaigrette
Smoked salmon, cucumber and spiced cream cheese
Tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil
Cheddar cheese and mango chutney
Blue cheese, egg and steamed leek
Sausage, cheese, tomato, onion and parsley
Egg, ham and cheese
Or any other combination


.sweet crêpes

Granulated sugar and butter
Sweet cinnamon and butter
Hazelnut chocolate
Sugar and lemon
Honey and lemon with almonds
Applesauce with cinnamon
Blueberry jam
Maple syrup
Banana and chocolate
Banana and honey
Add Baileys or Grand Marnier to make it a "Tipsy Crêpe"


.gourmet crêpes

Gourmet crêpes can be ordered additionally. Please visit the gourmet menu for choices and rates.


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